Two New Games

Two games I worked on this year are now online.

Monster Match is a game I designed and programmed for Character Arcade, a website owned by USA Network where I’m on-staff. The team there is very talented and this is a really fun game thanks to their input and efforts.


It’s the first title using an original new game concept, loosely based on the ancient strategy game Go. Like other Go derivatives such as Othello, Connect Four, and Pente, it’s simple enough for the casual gamer to pick up on the first try, but rich enough to be a nice challenge. I expect to use this concept in other gameplay styles and skins at Character Arcade.

For those who like to geek out on game design… this game is basically “Atari” in Go, where the goal is to surround other pieces by three in order to capture them. It’s simple part of Go, and I’m not aware of any other games that use this mechanism. Anyone know of one?

The second game is something I worked on back in February for Oddcast. The talented people there did all the programming and graphic design, I designed the gameplay and difficulty curve. It’s a memory game using the Faces ID software that police use to create composite sketches that you see on wanted posters. It appears on America’s Most Wanted’s website, and features some custom video of John Walsh.

I love the hand-drawn composite face art, which was apparently drawn in the early 80s resulting in some pretty funny looking characters.

Here’s a drawing I did of myself, as a 70s porn star.


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