Identity and teh Internets (part 2)

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photo by Bert Kommerij

Being a curmudgeon, I don’t always like it when people write on my Facebook wall, and I don’t feel the need for every person I’ve ever met to see my childhood photos. I also like to use Facebook for social networking with disparate groups of friends, family, business associates, and random folks I’ve met. With this in mind, I’ve spent some time figuring out how to adjust Facebook’s privacy settings to better suit my tastes.

These settings are all hidden to others, so by revealing my method I am partially defeating the purpose of my own system. But in the name of knowledge-sharing (and against my tin-foil hat-wearing nature) I will do so anyway. Read more

Identity and teh Internets (part 1)

(This is a repost from my ESC blog. I’m posting it here again because I’m going to write a second part on how to actually manage your Facebook identity.)

Who am I? Who are you? Who’s that guy?

Questions we are answering at all times throughout our lives. Whether we intend to or not.

I believe we are in a sort of “honeymoon phase” with social networking. Novelty has inspired generations to present themselves publicly to hundreds of observers at a time. Facebook and Facebook Connect present an interesting set of potential futures, some of which are explored in this slide show.

If a celebrity who has lost control of her identity becomes one thing in the public eye, yet that same person maintains a completely separate identity among her close-knit friends and family… then which identity is “real?” Read more